Sufi is he who?

“A person wrongs you and despite apologising, he plays the victim. The sūfī is he who despite being the one wronged, approaches him and says, I beg pardon from you for I’m the one who wronged you. The one who disciplines the ego as such, know that he is on the path to goodness.”
— Shaykh al-Islām
Dr Muḥammad Ṭāhir al-Qādirī


Change Your Lives

“I have no piety in my life, no knowledge in my life. I am a sinful person, no deeds in my life, nothing. I want you to become successful in this battlefield and control your nafs as Mawlānā Rūmī taught you. Your inner world should turn into the divine world. When ever you look into your heart, you should find Him, with His beauties and attributes and nūr. Only then you will become a person, when you sit or walk, lights will come out your body for people. Are you ready to change your lives?”
— Shaykh al-Islām
Dr Muhammad Tāhir al-Qādirī

Lips Meet

“When you utter the name Allāh, do you lips meet? No.. His own name has been kept free from the ablility to kiss. Now, proclaim the name Muḥammad…sallallaho alaihi wasalam How many times have your lips met and kissed? Two times… Allāh Almighty has put his own slot of a kiss within the name ‘Muḥammad’sallallaho alaihi wasalam. We ask Allāh, our hearts wish to kiss the beauty of Your name too, but He responds, ‘My beauty cannot be kissed or touched as it is completely free from such’, then how do we fulfill our desire? He replies, ‘Utter the name of Muḥammad. sallallaho alaihi wasalamThe first kiss will be for My beauty and the second will be for (the beauty) of my Beloved’. So you noticed that 2 beauties were kissed witin one name because the letter Meem was placed twice”
— Shaykh al-Islām Muḥammad Ṭāhir al-Qādrī (q)

I don’t Know

“Imām ʿAlī stated, if you do not know the answer to a question, never be shy to say ‘I do not know’. This is the extinguished difference between an outward scholar and an inward scholar.”
— Shaykh Dr. Muḥammad Ṭāhir al-Qādirī

Number of a children

“When you get married, don’t think for a big number of children, three is maximum, a good number. Don’t think like the Pākistānī ʿulamā’. There was an ʿālim in Karāchī, he had 24 children. If they were from one wife, this is a great zulm (cruelty). People consider their wives as machines, machines of the children. Some people think we have to enhance the ummah of holy Prophet ﷺ – but Allāh will put barakah in three In shā’ Allāh.”
— Shaykh Dr. Muḥammad Ṭāhir al-Qādirī

Imam Mehdi

“Imām Mahdī’s eyes will be large and naturally it will seem as though he is wearing kohl. His face will be fair, like a luminous star (kawkabun durriyun) emanating with light. His personality will be of an ʿarab but his build will be of a non ʿarab.”
— Shaykh Dr. Muḥammad Ṭāhir al-Qādirī